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Rayka Company operates in the field of trading Irans products with more than three decades activity.

Iran is a member of OPEC and GECF and ranks as the 57th largest export economy in the world and stands at the 49th largest economy (in terms of GDP). The main Iranian exports are Ethylene Polymers, Crude Petroleum, nuts and Acyclic Alcohols and stone.
Rayka Company supplies all type of products that produced in Iran for other countries with rich experience of exporting more than 600 types of products and being an exporter to more than 60 countries of the world.
Rayka company has three active offine in Iran, Turkey and Russia

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International trade, including import and export activities, plays a significant role in the global economy. It encompasses the exchange of goods, services, and capital between nations, driving economic growth and development. From sourcing and logistics to customs clearance and distribution, import and export operations require meticulous planning and execution to ensure seamless transactions and successful outcomes.

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Irans product for export Machines

Iran is very well-known for its very rich mines and resources, Generally all kinds of raw material are available with high quality including Metal mines of iron, copper, lead, aluminum, …..

Also, Iran has very rich resources of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical materials. Rayka company has contract with more than 900 companies in this field and can offer you the best possible price and quality.



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This company plays a key role in international trade by facilitating the exchange of goods and services between countries.
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